Mad for Malbec

Happy World Malbec Day, my fellow oenophiles! Today we celebrate the sumptuousness and seductiveness of Argentina’s most prominent red grape.  I’ll admit that I am a big fan of Malbec in general, especially New World versions from Argentina and the United States, but what I appreciate most is its flexibility. Whether you want to dress it up or dress it down, pair it with a main course or with a dessert, or just drink it by itself, the expressions of Malbec are versatile and accommodating.

When I feature Malbec in wine tastings, I like to pair it with a hearty food companion to stand up to the tannins and compliment the smoke and spice which are so often hallmarks of this great grape. If I have adequate time to prepare, I will often do a slice of roast beef with some caramelized onions served on crostini. If I need something quicker or more streamlined, a slice of farmhouse cheddar on a peppery cracker will also work well.

For my personal celebration of World Malbec Day, my kitchen will feature a steak with a nice BBQ spice rub, grilled asparagus, and parmesan mashed potatoes. A little dark chocolate will cap off the meal and compliment the very same varietal that stood up to my steak! It’s hard not to love a wine that will go from appetizer to after-dinner sweets without missing a beat.

If you happen to live or be in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles or Washington D.C. today, check out one of the many World Malbec Day events planned for this evening. If you’re not in one of those locales, pick up a bottle on your way home and have your own celebration. Here are two of my favorite Malbecs:

  • Ben Marco Malbec, Mendoza – this is possibly my all-time favorite, and an amazing option under $20, but can be a challenge to find.
  • Cruz Alta Malbec Reserve, Mendoza – a beautiful, expressive option that will pair well with a variety of foods for under $15.

Malbec grapes

Whatever you do to celebrate World Malbec Day, be sure to lend your palate to the magnificent Malbec.


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In vino veritas? Let's find out! While I do not currently work in the trade, I enjoy exploring the world of wine and how it brings people together. I am a Certified Specialist of Wine, and hold Intermediate and Advanced certificates from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, but if I've learned anything while studying wine, it is that everyone's palate is unique. So is there truth in wine? Perhaps its truth lies in the conversations, interactions and experiences for which it is a catalyst. Either way, I plan to taste as many glasses as necessary in order to find out!

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