Bud Break

Hello, and welcome to Cuvee Communiqué! My name is Kwino, and I’ll be your hostess for this hopefully entertaining, at times edifying, but never boring journey though the wide world of wine. Whether you’re in the trade, a weekend warrior hopelessly devoted to adventures in oenophilia, or a first-time taster, I hope you’ll continue reading as this blog explores etiquette, market trends, new labels and vintages, and generally all things wine.

We’re entering an exciting time of year when winemakers and wine enthusiasts alike begin looking toward the growing season ahead. It is the time of year when gnarled grapevines spring back to life and hint at the promise of a brand new vintage. Bud break, as it is known, signals the start of the new growing season and holds immeasurable potential for the next harvest. Like the vineyard managers who have been pruning and preparing their vines for the year ahead, I’ve been gathering ideas and putting thoughts on paper for this blog’s bud break.

Here’s to new beginnings, to budding blogs, and to the hopeful start of something new; here’s to bud break, and welcome to Cuvee Communiqué.


Published by CuveeComm

In vino veritas? Let's find out! While I do not currently work in the trade, I enjoy exploring the world of wine and how it brings people together. I am a Certified Specialist of Wine, and hold Intermediate and Advanced certificates from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, but if I've learned anything while studying wine, it is that everyone's palate is unique. So is there truth in wine? Perhaps its truth lies in the conversations, interactions and experiences for which it is a catalyst. Either way, I plan to taste as many glasses as necessary in order to find out!

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