Got Cab Fare?

It’s National Cabernet Sauvignon Day! What better way to celebrate this domestic day of recognition than with a captivating Cab from within our own borders? While lots of AVA’s produce Cabernet Sauvignon, I can help but be seduced by the iconic romance that Napa has developed with this grape.

When Napa Cab is at its best, it is a stunning representation of all that is beautiful about this varietal. Supple tannins, deep black fruit flavors and nuanced hints of smoke, tobacco, or cedar create an entire experience right there in the glass. The experience, however, does not come cheap.

Napa Cab has certainly earned its reputation, producing magnificent bottles year after year. While Cab-dominated red blends from Napa were once perceived as the poor man’s Bordeaux, Napa has been producing age-worthy Cab blends for decades. The Judgment of Paris back in 1976 proved that Napa Cabs could hang with the big boys from Bordeaux, and started commanding prices to reflect that. Still, there are some fantastic options that won’t leave you with sticker-shock. Here are my favorites:

  1. 2012 B Side Cabernet Sauvignon – the critics agree, for $20, this one stands up to its far more expensive counterparts. Bonus: Costco is currently stocking this beauty.
  2. Hess Cabernet Sauvignon – I love the Allomi Vineyard Cabernet at $25/bottle, but the Napa Valley Cab (the one with the red label) is also a fantastic option at $12.
  3. Duckhorn Decoy Cabernet – Duckhorn’s merlot tends to get a lot of attention, but this Cabernet is solid. Especially at $22/bottle.

Whatever you choose to drink today, raise a glass to this great grape!