Enological Ensemble?

Normally, when I wear my wine, it is not intentional. In fact, it usually requires that I take off what I’m wearing to address the issue. But the brilliant minds at the University of Western Australia have discovered a way to solve the occasional issue of sipping spillage. Behold the enological ensemble:

Micro’be’ fashion is made from wine and beer. Photo courtesy of bioalloy.org

This fermented fashion is created when wine contaminated with the Acetobacter bacteria is allowed to dry in open air, creating a rubbery film layer on top.  While it’s still malleable the “fabric” is applied to molds or human bodies to finish drying. This process can be also performed using white wine, or even beer. As appealing as this is (the clothing retains it natural odor and color) don’t go hitting the stores just yet. Designer Donna Franklin conceded that the material is not flexible, which makes getting it on and off rather challenging. Not to mention that your favorite beverage might not mix well with your perfume.

Franklin is the fashion designer behind the ongoing research initiative, Bioalloy, out of the laboratories at the University of Western Australia. Working with researcher and scientist Gary Cass, the two hope to troubleshoot the flexibility and olfactory shortfalls of this seamless fermented fashion.  For the sake of all of us who sometimes wear our wine unintentionally, here’s wishing them every success.  Cheers!