KR_Headshot 1In vino veritas? Let’s find out! I currently work in the wine industry as a portfolio manager and Director of Marketing for an importer/distributor in Northern Virginia. I also offer consulting services to support vineyards and wineries as they build strong brands and connect with their audiences using a suite of proven marketing methods and tools.

I work in this industry because I have a true passion for exploring the world of wine and how it brings people together. I currently hold Intermediate and Advanced certificates from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and am a Certified Specialist of Wine by the Society of Wine Educators. If I’ve learned anything while studying wine, however, it is that everyone’s palate is unique.

So is there truth in wine? Perhaps its truth lies in the conversations, interactions and experiences for which it is a catalyst. I plan to taste as many wines as necessary in order to find out. Cheers!

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